Collection: Mechanica M5 Upgrade Kits

The innovative Mechanica M5 clockwork follows the tradition of the Erwin Sattler clock manufactory.

From the very beginning, table clocks have been part of the Erwin Sattler manufacture range, so it only seems logical that such a clock can also be found in the collection of the clock kit.

In the Mechanica M5, the follow-up model to the sold out Table clock Mechanica M2, all the strengths of the manufacture come together to form a modern and harmonious whole. Due to the enormous vertical range of the manufacture, from the idea, the design, the construction and the production, everything is in our own hands! This is the only way to guarantee in the long term that the product at the end is of the highest possible quality.

Wear-free ball bearings are used as bearings for all wheels and thus also allow laymen to effortlessly assemble them with the highest possible precision. As in all other Mechanica kits, all the necessary tools are already included.

With the moon phase and date display, additional complications are available as upgrades for the first time. Also non-reflective glass panes for the case are also being offered now for the Mechanica M5.

Let yourself be captivated by the mechanical table clock M5!