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Erwin Sattler

Mechanica M3 20th Anniversary Upgrade Kit

Mechanica M3 20th Anniversary Upgrade Kit

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Preserving existing knowledge and constantly developing it further – this principle is continued in the Erwin Sattler clock manufactory in the tradition of the clockmaker’s craft.

Knowledge and skills from the centuries-old tradition of clockmaking, coupled with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing methods, inspire people of all ages today, resulting in “timeless timepieces” that last for generations and are still proudly cherished by grandchildren.

Müller & Sattler Uhrenbausatz GmbH stands for the continuation of a traditional craft and presents

The Mechanica M3 20 year anniversary upgrade kit in a limited edition of 20 pieces! Numbers 1, 16 and 20 are already sold!

Of course, you can retrofit an already purchased Mechanica M3 with this limited upgrade kit! However, please note, a refund for the original parts upon return is not possible with this upgrade kit. 

Please check the difference in prices for the upgrade kit when purchased with a brand new M3 and for subsequent purchases for a previously purchased M3. 

Contents of the upgrade Kit: 2 x plates (natural anodized), dial with cutaway, motion work and domed hands set for central display, 24h module, moon module.

The anniversary upgrade kit includes some exclusive and new equipment details:

 – Moon phase with mother of pearl discs

The addition to a precision pendulum clock with the useful complication of the moon phase is also a visual highlight. The moon shines in full splendor thanks to the shimmering, hand-polished and also domed mother-of-pearl inlays.

– 24-hour display

The 24-hour display at the “6 o’clock position” can also be used as a second time zone.
It is a practical addition for keeping an eye on the time in other parts of the world. Purists appreciate it as an astronomical hour marker.

– Central hours and minutes display

The classic clock dial – is now available for the first time on the Mechanica M3 and, in view of the additional displays, makes it easier to read the time.

– 4-part, domed hands set

The domed, polished and blued hands are completely hand crafted. They will give your Mechanica a more elegant “face”.

– Cutaway in the dial

The cutaway in the seconds subdial in conjunction with a milling in the top plate of the movement makes it possible to see natural anodized plates, the gold-plated gear wheels and the Graham escapement.

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