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Erwin Sattler

Mechanica M3

Mechanica M3

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The Mechanica M3 mechanical seconds pendulum clock is the first of its kind to be available as a clock assembly kit.

It is equipped with all the technical quality features of the great clock on which it is modelled – the Erwin Sattler Classica Secunda 1985. Make your own personal piece of history and experience precision you have created yourself – day after day, hour after hour. The effortless assembly process makes building the new M3 a real experience. The individual components mounted on ball bearings facilitate the assembly of the complex movement, making joining the parts together a pleasure for any clock enthusiast. All the tools you need are included in your Mechanica M3 assembly kit.

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Treasures are kept safe and hidden inside a fascinating and impressive precision pendulum clock

The Troja Sonata M, a precision pendulum clock with half-hour impact mechanism and moon phase display. As an imposing grandfather clock, it can also hide the most secret treasures … In addition, the video also shows the Secunda Sonata, the counterpart as a classic precision pendulum clock for the wall.