Clocks that outlast generations

From precision pendulum clocks, to table clocks, and watch winders, an Erwin Sattler piece is a statement that carries a deep belief in values and ideals that stand the test of time.

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No other timepiece embodies the tradition of the craft of clock-making better... 


The tradition of precision pendulum clocks for those on the move. The... 

About Erwin Sattler Clock Manufactory

Since 1958, Erwin Sattler has epitomized timeless brilliance in clock manufacturing, crafting timepieces in Gräfelfing near Munich that transcend generations with their enduring quality. Merging centuries-old craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, each meticulously designed clock embodies sophistication and exclusivity.

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Erwin Sattler Precision in Motion

  • Always in time: the table clock

    Whether on the desk or mantelpiece, a table clock also ticks to the steady rhythm of the world and indicates the time in a sophisticated fashion.

  • Accuracy in perfection: the precision pendulum clock

    Connoisseurs around the world appreciate a precision pendulum clock from our Munich manufactory as the ultimate in precision and accuracy.

  • Modern nostalgia: the pendulum clock

    The swinging of an elegant pendulum clock makes the gear train run with a calmness that you will feel inside yourself.

  • The finger on the pulse of time: watch winders

    ast but not least, the Erwin Sattler manufactory puts your wearable collectibles in the spotlight – with the style and modernity of our unique watch winders.


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