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Erwin Sattler

Classica 60

Classica 60

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The beautiful, elaborate enamel dials with their filigreed, blued steel hands and solid brass bezel lend a unique charm to this delicate clock. The timeless, classic shape of the case – which gives the clock its name – goes well with any interior style.

The discreet ticking of this model, for which we must thank the fine and extremely slim movement, has earned it the charming nickname of “bedroom regulator”. Seven jewel bearings and two ball bearings ensure enough power reserve to last a week and give these clocks the durability they need to last for many generations.

Three Dials to choose from: Roman, Arabic and Modern Arabic.  Email for details.


  • "Bedroom regulator“ with extremely quiet tick
  • Power reserve to last one week
  • Four-time-fired high-quality enamel dial
Case - Black varnish
- Cherry
Height: 56.5 cm, width: 15.5 cm, depth: 9 cm
Door closure with small hooks
Crystals Mineral glass
Movement Sattler calibre1300-4
Power reserve 7 days
Drive Weight 700 g with pulley
Oscillator Wood rod pendulum
Ball bearings 2 precision ball bearings
Jewel bearings 7
Dial Enamelled
Beat rate 5.670/h = 94,5/min
Plates brass, lacquered
Weight 4 kg
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