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Erwin Sattler

Classica KS 100 M

Classica KS 100 M

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These models combine two Classica series and finally put an end to the need to decide between a calendar function with moon phase display and a chiming strike train – the Classica KS. They show the date and day with blued steel hands and audibly yet subtly chime the time, striking one tone on the half-hour and the full number of tones on the hour on one fine gong.

The handpainted moon disc has been moved from its previous 12 o’clock position to the lower edge of the dial in order to make room for a seconds display to these elaborate regulators. The characteristics of the Classica KS models mean that they will fulfil both the wish for an attractive exterior and the desire for functional completeness.


  • Combination of strike train and calendar in one clock
  • Hand-painted moon disc
  • Bezel and pendulum bob formed from solid brass
  • Exceptionally long service life due to 15 jewel bearings and 8 precision ball bearings
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