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Erwin Sattler

Classica Secunda 1995 M

Classica Secunda 1995 M

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It takes an average of two years to manufacture all the individual components of a precision pendulum clock. Handmade in exclusive small-batch series of no more than ten pieces, the clocks clearly show the deep-rooted link with tradition and the passion for detail that contribute to their high quality. The Classica Secunda 1995 M is an impressive example of Erwin Sattler furthering its great tradition for precision pendulum clocks.

The design of the Classica Secunda 1995 M is dominated by a cutaway dial for seconds, which allows a view of the goldplated gear wheels. Other fine details are the star-shaped stainless steel escape wheel bridge and the poire hands – meticulously domed, polished and blue tempered by hand. A glass pane in the top allows light to enter the case and illuminate the inner workings from above. Precious woods encase the high-precision movement and round off the piece as a timeless work of art. With its 30-day movement and ability to keep time with an accuracy drift of around one to two seconds per month, the Classica Secunda 1995 M is also a technical triumph. The Graham escapement with jewel pallets ensures a constant transmission of energy to the pendulum. Gold-plated wheels, arbors made from special Swedish steel, five ball bearings and 11 jewel bearings in two base plates crafted in four-millimetre-thick hard brass increase the efficiency and longevity of this “clock for generations”.


  • 30-day power reserve, achievable accuracy of one to two seconds per month
  • Gold-plated wheels, cutaway in seconds dial
  • Pulley with ball bearings
Case  - Black varnish with hand-polished cassette and metal inlays
- Black varnish with hand-polished macassar-cassette and metal inlays

Glass window in the top of the case
Door with magnetic closure
Height: ≈ 57.09 in (145 cm), width: 14.57 in (37 cm), depth: ≈ 7.09 in (18 cm)
Crystals Bevelled mineral glass
Movement  Sattler calibre 1965, cutaway in the front plate,
three arms esapement wheel bridge domed and polished by hand,
visible escapement (Graham) from the front
Power reserve 30 days
Drive  Weight 3,100 g with pulley with ball bearings
Oscillator Invar pendulum Ø 12 mm, temperature and air-pressure compensation, 5 aneroid capsules with air pressure display in mm/Hg
Ball bearings  5 precision ball bearings
Jewel bearings 11 in screwed-in chatons, 2 agate anchor pallets
Dial Silver-plated, cutaway in seconds dial
Hands Blue steel hands, domed by hand
Beat Rate 3,600/h = Precision seconds pendulum clock
Plates Brass, polished and nickel plated
Weight  121.54 lbs (55 kg)

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Treasures are kept safe and hidden inside a fascinating and impressive precision pendulum clock

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