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Erwin Sattler

Opus Perpetual

Opus Perpetual

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The impressive size, special design and modern aesthetics of this truly majestic precision pendulum clock make it an absolute masterpiece of craftsmanship. The timepiece gives the beholder all the information they could possibly need, lending precious time an attractive face with not only centrally positioned hands to indicate the hour, minute and second, but also an equally beautiful and stylish astronomical trio to show the day of the week, the month and the exact date.

Those who take a closer look at the artfully skeletonised dial will discover a fourth calendar display underneath the axis of the month indicator, with four fields marked 1, 2, 3 and L. Horophiles will know immediately that this is a display for three normal years and one leap year, which tells them that this complex work of art features a perpetual calendar − from which the Opus Perpetual takes its name. Those who adorn their living room or office with this mechanical masterpiece will, theoretically, without any further action on their part, be able to enjoy the intelligently designed calendar mechanism until the end of February 2100. This is when the Gregorian calendar, instituted in 1582, will require a minor correction to be made in order to program the indicators for the next 100 years through until 2200. Having a power reserve of 30 days means that the 601-part calibre 2051 calls for little in the way of attention. Should the timepiece stop when its proud owner is away for an extended period, the separate correctors make it easy to correct the day, month and date subsequently. The dial is further enhanced by a delightful three-dimensional moon phase display, on which the hand-painted rotating ball at the “12” bears a remarkable likeness to the mystical moon. Great importance is placed on the accuracy of the moon phase as well as on its appearance, however: This indication will not deviate a full day from the astronomical norm for another 122 years. A blue funnel-shaped sky disc provides a worthy background to the moon phase display, embellished as it is with ten small 0.1-carat diamonds to symbolise stars shining in the sky. Six further anniversary diamonds act as additional twinkling indices for the even-numbered hours.


  • Perpetual calendar, metal bar (Aluminium), tubular gong
  • Funnel-shaped starry sky with 10 diamonds, 6 jubilee jewels as indexes
  • Limited to 60 pieces
Case - Metal bar (Aluminium) with olive root wood cassette, hand-polished
- Metal bar (Aluminium) with carbon cassette, hand-polished
Height: ≈ 59.05 in (150 cm), width: ≈ 15.75 in (40 cm), depth: ≈ 9.05 in (23 cm)
Crystals Mineral glass, anti-reflective
Movement Sattler calibre 2051
Power reserve  30 Days 
Drive 3100 g weight on rope pulley with jeweled bearings
Oscillator Invar pendulum Ø 12 mm, temperature and air-pressure compensation with twin barometer
Ball Bearings 48 precision ball bearings
Jewel Bearings 4 in screwed-in chatons, 2 agate anchor pallets
Dial Anodised, skeletonised, three-dimensional moon phase with 10 diamonds (0.10 ct), funnel-shaped starry sky, perpetual calendar, seconds dial, 6 jubilee jewels as indexes, jubilee button
Hands Blue steel hands, hand domed
Strike Train  Half-hour rack strike train with tubular gong, strike train silencer
Beat rate 3.600/h
Weight ≈ 158.73 lbs (73 kg)
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Treasures are kept safe and hidden inside a fascinating and impressive precision pendulum clock

The Troja Sonata M, a precision pendulum clock with half-hour impact mechanism and moon phase display. As an imposing grandfather clock, it can also hide the most secret treasures … In addition, the video also shows the Secunda Sonata, the counterpart as a classic precision pendulum clock for the wall.