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Erwin Sattler

Opus Metallica 100

Opus Metallica 100

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Opus Metallica 100, the latest precision pendulum clock from the manufactory Erwin Sattler Munich. With the new caliber 2005-M ticks a clockwork inside, which thanks to its high-quality workmanship and the use of the best materials, achieves an accuracy of 3-4 seconds / month.

In addition, it owns the appealing complication of a moon phase indication. The 5/6 seconds pendulum movement benefits from more than 35 years of experience in the construction and implementation of high precision pendulum clocks and ensures a power reserve of 28 days.

The connaisseur enjoys an unobstructed view of the inside quality of the Opus Metallica 100. The special construction of the case with a frameless glass door, made of anti-reflective mineral glass, passes the way not only for a reflection-free view of the fascinating mechanics. In addition, the two-part dial impresses with its fascinating depth, the modern hands and the hand-painted moon phase indication.

As usual at Erwin Sattler, the crank and other useful accessories are hidden in a compartment in the bottom of the case.

Aesthetic, elegant, noble, all these terms are perfectly applicable for the refreshingly modern clock. The Opus Metallica 100, which is available in two versions, is therefore a harmonious addition to any ambience, regardless of new or established, modern or classic.


  • 5/6 second pendulum clock with temperature and air-pressure compensated pendulum
  • 28 days power reserve
  • Hand polished cassette in the case back, metal inlays
  • Accessory compartment in the bottom
Case  - Black varnish with hand–polished cassette
- Black varnish with hand–polished carbon-cassette
- Rim and base with metal inlays
Height: ≈ 41.34 in (105 cm), width: ≈ 10.64 in (27 cm), depth: ≈ 5.51 in (14 cm)
Crystals Anti–reflective mineral glass, affixed on a mitre
Movement  Sattler calibre 2005-M
Power reserve 28 days
Drive  Weight 3.500 g tungsten with pulley
Oscillator  Invar pendulum Ø 8 mm, temperature and air-pressure compensation with twin barometer
Ball bearings  8 precision ball bearings
Jewel bearings  6 pieces, 2 agate anchor pallets
Dial Anodized, two parts, arabic, hand-painted moon disc
Hands  Hand polished steel hands
Beat rate  4.320/h = 72/min
Weight ≈ 37.48 lbs (17 kg)
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