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Erwin Sattler

Opus PM 70 II

Opus PM 70 II

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Measuring just 70 centimetres in height, this fine pendulum clock will find a dignified spot almost anywhere on the wall thanks to its discreet dimensions. Its wooden housing is 20 centimetres wide and 10 centimetres deep, and comes in black thanks to its elaborate varnish. High-quality metal inlays are included as decorative elements. The antireflective mineral glass allows a completely unhindered look at the dial, hands, movement and pendulum. The U-shaped glazing is affixed on a mitre in a single piece by expert craftsmen. And there is no need for a locking hook, thanks to the discreet magnetic catch on the door. The winding crank is required every seven days, and remains hidden behind a hatch in the base of the clock until it is next needed.

The remarkable range of premium-quality features continues with the manufacture movement in the Classica PM 70 II. Smooth running of the gear train is ensured by two precision ball bearings and seven perforated stones made from synthetic ruby. Just as the use of high-quality materials is expected for the calibre 1410, so is the inclusion of a conventional Graham escapement. The elegant weight with pulley reliably performs its important task at just a thousand grams.

The time display, indicated in hours and minutes by manually polished steel hands, is complemented on this noble timepiece by a pleasant chime, which is created by what is known as a passing strike. On the completion of every hour, a small hammer strikes a gong to produce a brief chime. The continuous passing of time is divided up into clearly defined intervals by a high- quality wood rod pendulum with a solid brass bob, which produces exactly 5184 half oscillations per hour. This precision control is enabled by a non-slip lock nut beneath the polished and nickel-plated pendulum bob.
Although this model exudes simple elegance, its black anodized dial nevertheless deserves particular attention. The beautiful face of the Classica PM 70 II is made from aluminium with an electrically oxidised surface. 12 small diamonds sparkle next to the Arabic numerals. Through the semi-circular opening above the “6”, the phases of the moon can be read via a hand-painted window. This is just another factor that emphasises the high standards that lie at the heart of this timepiece. Exactly 29.5 days elapse from one new moon to another, meaning that after three years, a minor correction to the indicator needs to be made. Which exemplar of the limited edition of 99 pieces it is can be read on the dial.


  • Limited to 99 pieces
  • Hand-painted moon disc
  • Anti-reflective mineral glass, affixed on a mitre
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