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Erwin Sattler

Opus PMD 100

Opus PMD 100

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The Opus case, the newest and most modern case variant from the clock manufacture Erwin Sattler, combined with the newly developed manufacture caliber 1577, finds its climax in the recently presented “Opus PMD 100” model.

The clockwork with its gold-plated wheels and the maintaining power mechanism, which also transmits the power to the gear train during the winding process, can be viewed at any time thanks to the U-shaped anti-reflective glass door.

The winding crank and the silencing weight for the striking mechanism are safely stored in a compartment on the underside of the case. The modern case is completed by polished, filigree metal inlays.
Both visually and technically, the clock with 30 days power reserve delights with its newly designed, two-part dial and skeletonized hands.

The current phase of the moon is displayed on a three-dimensional moon ball, hand-painted in the manufactory, which only needs to be corrected by one day after 120 years.
Below the “12 o’clock position” a small sub-dial display the current date and complete the design of the extraordinarily elegant dial.

Invisible but audible, the passage strike on a gong sounds a bell with a single strike once every hour and thus contributes to the presence of the noble regulator.


  • 30 days power reserve
  • Passing strike on gong
  • Anti-reflective mineral glass, affixed on a mitre
  • Two-part dial with 8 applied and polished indices –
  • Three-dimensional hand-painted spherical moon
  • Display of date
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