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Erwin Sattler

Rotalis 30

Rotalis 30

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The Rotalis 30 is a masterpiece based on the expertise of the clockmakers, precision mechanics and electricians from the clock manufacture, Erwin Sattler. Similar in appearance to two modern flat screens, two 18 mm thick bulletproof glass plates protect the hidden treasures inside. These only become visible in the light of the 100 LED lamps in the cases.
Three precision instruments adorn the elegant front. The decorative Navis 24 is centrally fitted and originates from the mechanical marine clock industry, with eight days of power reserve. It is beautifully completed with a barometer and thermometer to the sides. The central decorative cover allows an individual design of the watch winder in various polished precious wood versions, such as walnut, maple, black with metal inlays or carbon.
A fingerprint reader is located beside the case. When an authorised person lays their finger on this, the two heavy safety glasses move upwards and downwards at the same time and offer a view of the 30 watch winders with the valuable timepieces. Alternatively, the Rotalis 30 can also be opened using remote control. Thanks to the Sattler-Beluwo® watch winder technology, which is protected by the German Patent and Trademark Office, the rotational speed and direction of rotation can be precisely controlled for each of the 30 electric motors. The data from more than 7000 different automatic wristwatches can be transmitted directly to the watch winder from the enclosed database from any PC via WLAN.
In all versions and dimensions, the Rotalis 60 corresponds to the Rotalis 30. However, the number of built-in watch winders is twice as high. There is no need to store 48 hand-wound watches or other valuables such as rings, chains or cufflinks due to the additional 30 watch winders.


  • WLAN technology for individual programming
  • Identification by a fingerprint scanner
  • Four-layer safety glass
  • The own house alarm system can be connected
  • Watch holder variants for different strap lengths
  • All components come from German production

Please email us to specify black or wooden front panel for your order.  

Case Height: ≈ 78.74 in (200 cm) (with extended panes ≈ 93.7 in (238 cm)), width: ≈ 57.09 in (145 cm), depth: ≈ 7.87 in (20 cm), 48 manual winding watch cushions or compartments for rings, cufflinks or chains,
side columns left and right brushed stainless steel,
integrated in the panel: Thermometer, Barometer, Navis 24, LED illumination
Crystals Four-layer safety glass (the glass panels open electrically after identification by smart interface or via fingerprint reader or with the included key, you can find the lock behind the sliding panel at the right side)
Winder  30 precision watch winders, individually programmable via WLAN, 12 o’clock position
Drive 30 high-power motors
Ball bearings  6 stainless steel precision ball bearings per watch winder unit
Variants  Variant 1:
narrower version: width: 47.24 in (120 cm)
30 precision watch winders and 24 manual winding watch cushions
Variant 2:
width: 57.09 in (145 cm)
60 precision watch winders
Power supply 110 – 230 V 
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