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Erwin Sattler

Rotalis 6 Wood

Rotalis 6 Wood

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Six wristwatches find protected behind a glass door its perfect place. Each individual watch winder can be programmed and controlled with any WIFI-capable device. The optimum values of each watch can be transferred from an enclosed database that contains more than 12,000 different automatic wristwatches and transmitted to the memory in the watch winder.

The control simulates the daily routine of a wearer through a 16-hour active phase and an 8-hour rest phase. The required rotations each day are optimally distributed over the active phase. Of course, the Rotalis 6 also functions in a conventional way with an intelligent standard programming without specific data transmission. At the end of a winding interval, all watches are repositioned exactly vertically with the 12 o’clock position at the top and are therefore showcased to the beholder from their best side.


  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Integrated database with more than 12,000 watch models that contains the rotational speeds as exactly specified by the manufacturer
  • Settings with any WLAN-compatible device
  • Watch holders for different bracelet lengths
  • LED illumination
Case Black varnish or walnut, open-pored with visible wood structure, LED illumination
Height: ≈ 10 in (26.5 cm), width: ≈ 14 in (35 cm), depth: ≈ 8 in (21 cm)
Weight ≈ 15 lbs (7 Kg)
Crystals smoked glass
Winders 6 precision watch winders, individually programmable, 12 o’clock position
Drive 6 motors
Ball bearings 36 precision ball bearings
Data transfer WIFI
Power supply  Connection for power supply
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