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Erwin Sattler

Troja Lunaris M

Troja Lunaris M

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Valuable secrets – treasures are kept safe and hidden inside a fascinating and impressive precision pendulum clock. According to Greek legend, the ancient, Anatolian city of Troy (Troja) was outsmarted by Greek warriors. Hidden in the stomach of a wooden horse, they were able to get behind the fortified city walls undiscovered and, following their clever deception, conquered the city. The Troja 16 M precision pendulum clock owes its name to this historic example because its body also conceals some secrets.

The base of the clock houses a safe which provides space for all kinds of treasures. To make full use of the depth that is gained here, 16 remote-controlled watch winders are also housed in the rear section of the case. Along with their technology partner, Beluwo®, the Erwin Sattler manufacture has developed new, large wristwatch-holders which provide enough space for larger timepieces. Each unit is equipped with its own precision motor and can be individually programmed via Bluetooth, any smartphone or tablet. The Troja Lunaris M is equipped with the extraordinary movement from the Classica Secunda 1915, whose silver-plated dial emphasises the value of the lovingly handcrafted, domed hands. The pendulum, at a stately length of approximately one metre, swings once every second in an elegant and calming cadence.
The Troja is available with four different movements: Troja 16 M with the movement from the Classica Secunda 1995, Troja Lunaris M with the movement from the Secunda Lunaris, Troja Sonata M with the movement from the Secunda Sonata, Troja Opus Temporis with the movement from the Opus Temporis.

Case Height: ≈ 85.83 in (218 cm), Width: ≈ 18.90 in (48 cm), (watch winders extended: ≈ 27.56 in (70 cm)), Depth: ≈ 15.35 in (39 cm), Requires wall mounting at the dial height
Door with magnetic closure
Weight ≈ 529.10 lbs (240 kg)
Crystals Bevelled mineral glass
Movement Sattler calibre 1915
Power reserve 30 days
Drive Weight 4,500 g with pulley with ball bearings
Oscillator Invar pendulum Ø 12 mm, temperature and
air-pressure compensation, 5 aneroid capsules
with air pressure display in mm/Hg
Ball bearings 9 precision ball bearings
Jewel bearings 6 in chatons, 2 agate anchor pallets
Dial Silver-plated, hand-painted moon disc, cutaway in seconds dial, visible escapement (Graham), date and day display
Base Clock base with safe
Winders 16 precision watch winders, sideways extendable, individually programmable via WLAN, 16 high-power motors, 12 o’clock position
Beat rate 3.600/h = 60/min
Thomas Euro/VdS Category l
- Lock: electronic locking system
- Door hinge: DIN right
- Ext.dimension: H/B/T 610/405/340 mm
- Int. dimensions: H/B/T 504/312/221 mm
- Doorway: H/B 504/265 mm
- Weight: aprox. 110 kg
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Treasures are kept safe and hidden inside a fascinating and impressive precision pendulum clock

The Troja Sonata M, a precision pendulum clock with half-hour impact mechanism and moon phase display. As an imposing grandfather clock, it can also hide the most secret treasures … In addition, the video also shows the Secunda Sonata, the counterpart as a classic precision pendulum clock for the wall.